Attila Károly Molnár - Milán Pap eds.

State and Equality

Thomas Molnar Institute for Advanced Studies

Budapest, Dialóg Campus

ISBN 9 786 155 845567







Ágoston Nagy, Milán Pap: The Concept of State and Society in Hungarian Dictionaries, Lexica and Encyclopaedias from the Late 18th to the mid-20th Centuries: A Research Proposal

Szilvia Horváth: The Community of Equals: Rereading an Early Democratic Concept

Gábor Megadja: Collectivism

Henrik Hőnich: Law, Freedom and the Dualism of Political Authority

Attila Károly Molnár: The Latest Saints of Egalitarianism

Attila Novák: Resistance or Saving One’s Skin? Notes to the Problem of 1944’s Hungarian Zionist Resistance

Gyula Koi: ‘Upscale Stranger.’ The Administrative Law as a Phenomenon in the Anglo-Saxon Legal and Political Thought

Zoltán Pető: God and the Philosopher: The Theology of Thomas Molnar

Mária Ekert: The Relationship between State and Church in Hungary after the Regime Change – Introduction